Fort Lauderdale


From a small settlement of farmers to becoming a popular tourist attraction, Fort Lauderdale is yet another example of the rapid urbanization that took place in the 20th century. The seat of Broward County, Lauderdale owes its name to the series of forts built by the US during the Second Seminole War. The forts, which now stand abandoned, are a relic of the city’s rich history and blend naturally with its ever-evolving present. For years, Lauderdale, with its bright blue skies, tropical climate and generous sunshine had been a popular spring break destination for locals. But now, it has turned into an international tourist hub, drawing the wealthy from across the globe.

A melange of colors and hues

With an extensive network of canals, sun-kissed beaches, colorful tourist attractions, and entertainment centers, Fort Lauderdale is known for its natural and cultural diversity. The city’s intricate canal system and major yachting activity have also earned the title 'Venice of America'. However, not everything has been so bright and blue in this popular tourist destination as it too has seen its fair share of natural calamities over the years.

Hurricane Betsy: The storm that changed its mind:

In the September of 1965, Hurricane Betsy unexpectedly struck Fort Lauderdale, and struck it bad. The mighty storm brought a six-foot surge that rammed most of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, submerging countless houses, destroying beach-front properties, and plunging the city into darkness. It took authorities weeks to clean up the debris and put life back into gear.

We’re prepared, no matter what!

Hurricane Betsy was a rude shock for the residents of Fort Lauderdale and was testimony to the fact that no one can win against nature. Disasters are unavoidable, especially in low-lying areas like Fort Lauderdale, but overcoming them must not always be as difficult as it used to be. Fort Lauderdale Restoration Expert is a reputed water and fire damage restoration service which, with dedicated 24-hour services and a competent team of specialists, guarantees to restore your properties to their pre-loss states.

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