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From leaking faucets to rainstorms to accidental fire breakouts, your property could take a hit in several ways, bringing your life to a standstill and translating into heavy losses. Reassurance comes in the form of our damage mitigation and restoration services! We won’t let the damage blow up in scale, but rather we’ll nip it in the bud and restore your property back to its pre-loss condition. Over the years, Fort Lauderdale Restoration Expert has dealt with everything; right from mold growth, to fire accidents, to plumbing failures, flooding, smoke damage - never once have we let our customers down. We’ve always been there, working 24/7, working through natural calamities, working through rain or snow – working just because we deeply care for the community in Fort Lauderdale, FL area.

Who are we?

Starting out over two decades ago, we sought to be the one-stop destination for damage remediation and restoration. Years down the line, we’ve dislodged our competition and occupied a place amidst the best. Today, from residential to commercial clients, just about everyone trusts us for restoration services. We ventured where no one else did, strived to be available when no one else is, and provided remediation within 48 hours while others would only begin to respond after that period – that’s the difference we brought in – and that’s why we’re dubbed number one in the area!

Expert assistance by your side, always

Damage can grow, if left unchecked. What can start as a seemingly small and innocent leak may slowly eat into your drywall, lead to mold formation and warrant the need to replace entire sections of the wall! Don’t let that happen! At the first signs of damage or immediately after a major disaster strikes, ring us up on 954-363-0411  and we’ll be there to stem the damage, minimize losses, salvage your property and help you make the transition from utter chaos into complete serenity.

We’re known for:

  • Fort Lauderdale Restoration Expert Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-363-0411Super fast response to contingencies
  • Quick remediation and restoration
  • Anytime, anywhere availability
  • Disaster mitigation expertise
  • Cutting-edge equipment and tools
  • Impeccable quality of workmanship
  • Mobile solutions for onsite solutions
  • Superior standards and work ethics
  • Advanced remediation techniques
  • Can handle fire, water and smoke damage


Emergency remediation:

Following a disaster, it’s not just your property that’s wrecked, but rather your entire semblance of balance is shattered. We understand the trauma associated with such situations, and know that every minute’s delay can only amplify and aggravate the situation. Flooding can promote electrical hazards or lead to hazardous mold. Fire breakouts can result in toxic smoke sweeping the premises. Immediate intervention is the key to remediation, and when you call Fort Lauderdale Restoration Expert; expect us to be there by your side within 30 minutes to implement damage control and mitigation measures and then commence restoration.

Residential damage restoration:

Nothing can be as mortifying as watching one’s home destroyed by mold or water leakage. It disrupts your property’s sanctity, and in some cases, makes it unlivable. We fathom how important your home is to you, and when any harm befalls it, we treat it as if were our own home and help restore things to normalcy. From handling something as simple as fixing faulty plumbing to as extreme as draining water following a flood, you can count on our restoration experts in Fort Lauderdale, FL area to restore not just your home, but also your sanity.

Commercial damage restoration:

As a business owner, the last thing you’d expect is for your daily activities to be halted following a fire, flood, a rainstorm, burst pipes, leaking roof or other causes. PCs, servers, electrical wiring, documents – there’s a lot you can lose. We know that every hour wasted translates into lost productivity and augments the damage incurred, which in turn can wash away your revenues. That’s why our team is available round-the-clock! We’ll work non-stop until we get your business up and running again.

Facing water damage? Is smoke blanketing your home? Reach out to us on 954-363-0411  for assistance!

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